Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forecast and Budget


I have a sister who love to ask me lot of questions which force me to think before I give the answer to her. The questions make me realize the meaning of life and people around me.

One day, she told me something. A story that I will never forget. She created the story which was inspired from a poem to prevent me to get sleepy when she was studying at midnight. She just wants me to accompany her. The story goes like this:

The relationship between forecasting and budgeting:

My lecturer always reminds me in her class that we need to do forecasting before we proceed to the budgeting process. I asked my sister which step should we do first between these two elements since she was studying about forecasting and I was reading about the budgeting.

She then answered that we need to forecast first before we do the budget. And of course it’s a correct answer. And I can’t argue about that. Then, she started to tell me a story.

One day, in an island, the ‘budget’ was drowning and she couldn’t get any help. There's no one around to help her. Suddenly, after a few moments, the ‘financial accounting’ come and see the ‘budget’ struggling to save her life. At that time, the water level is at budget's knee. So, 'budget' asked for 'financial accounting’s' help.

‘Please help me 'financial accounting'..’ says 'budget'.

‘Woo.. I’m sorry dear.. I’m only care about the debit and credit, the income statement and the balance sheet.. but not the budget.. bye..’

The 'financial accounting' left 'budget' there alone. A few moments later, the 'corporate governance' came with her boat and 'budget' tried to get help from her. At that time, the water level ia at budget's stomach.

‘Please help me 'corporate governance'.. I really need your help..’ says 'budget'

‘woo.. I’m sorry dear.. I’m only care about the ethics of the stakeholders in the company and not the budget.. bye..’

The 'budget' was totally sad. When the water level was coming to her chest, comes the 'organizational behavior' and once again, the 'budget' ask for her help.

‘Please help me 'organizational behavior'..’ says 'budget'

‘woo.. I’m sorry dear.. I’m only care about the behavior of employee in the organization but not the budget.. bye..’

'Budget' felt that she had no chance to live. The water level pun da sampai paras hidung and she couldn’t say anything or get any help. 

Suddenly, someone approach budget and tried to save her by taking her out from the water. Then, the person took her the to the island nearby. However, she faint after she saved and she doesn’t know who's that pokemon yang try selamatkan dia.

Bila budget da sedar, she ask the villagers in the island. Who’s that pokemon yg try selamatkan dia. And you know what was the answer?

The villager said, ‘the person who saved you from drowning was 'FORECAST'.’

Now, the budget realize. 'Financial accounting', 'corporate governance' and 'organizational behavior' do not need her but 'FORECAST' is the one who needs budget. That’s why before we do the budget, we need to forecast first. 'FORECAST' and 'BUDGET' need each other. They can’t be separated.

My sister asked me then, who is the 'forecast' and who is the 'budget'. And my answer would be my sister and I. We need each other, we help each other, we cry together, we laugh together etc.

Same goes to you and your best friend. Hargailah sahabat anda. Terima mereka seadanya. What a complicated story. Pheww..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

waRm uP

It has been a long time.... i really miss my blog (-_^) Anyway, i just want to share something. Warm up je.. i got this article from my lovely lecturer before we started our English class. It's quite funny for anyone who can think wisely.. =p

Have you heard of Ah Kok applying to medical school? to become a doctor?
Needless to say, he never made it. Do you know why?
These are the answers he wrote in the entrance exam:

Antibody - against everyone

Artery - the study of painting

Bacteria - back door to a cafeteria

Caesarean section - a district in Rome

Cat scan - searching for a lost kitty

Chronic - neck of crow

Coma - punctuation mark

Cortisone - area around local court

Cyst - short for sister

Diagnosis - person with slanted nose

Dislocation - in this place

Duodenum - couple in blue jeans

Enema - not a friend

Fake labour - pretending to work

Genes - blue denim

Hernia - she is close by

Impotent - distinguished/ well known

Labour pain - hurt at work

Lactose - people without toes

Microbes - small dressing gown

Obesity - city of obe

Pacemaker - winner of noble peace price

Proteins - in favour of teens

Pus - small cat

Red blood count - dracula

Secretion - hiding anything

Tablet - small table

Ultrasound - radical noise

Urine - opposite of you're out

Varicose - very close

Get it?? I'm not sure whether all the doctors outside there can understand this article.. =) Have a nice day...... (^_^)